ASSOCIATION OF BOARDS OF SCHOOL EDUCATION Established as an legal entity under Act XXI of 1860 of Govt. of India.
Notified in the official Gazette of India


"Association of Boards of School Education will also provide its membership to Govt. Schools and Private (Aided & Unaided) Schools."

"Association of Boards of School Education has been established by an Act of XXI of 1860 of Govt. of India.

AOBSE has been granted membership from Quality Council of India, Ministry of Commerce and it is an ISO, 9001 - 2008 certified institution. AOBSE is also registered with Ministry of HRD (CR) & Planning Commission, Govt. of India

The Govt. of India has notified and published notification of Association of Boards of School Education of India in the Official Gazette of Govt. of India.

Association of Boards of School Education is going to arrange 'School Boards Cricket Premier League' (SBPL ) every year for the promotion of sports and also conduct other cultural activities like Debate competition, singing & Dance competition etc.,"


The primary motive of the association of Boards of school education (AOBSE) is to establish and maintain certain implicative enhancements in the field of school education and utilize all of the procreative mediums for the successful attainment of the purpose. There are certain basic targets being set aside, particularly for the qualitative as well as quantitative achievements of the changes in predefined notions of school education system.

AOBSE looks forward to provide all the conjoined members with forums to discuss issues of mutual interest and to facilitate in the learning from each other in enhancing quality education to all. The association is also concerned after the provision of required consultative guidance to all the members of boards and other educational institutions and organizations in resolving any adverse situation faced by them. The association is fully dedicated to inspiring administrators and teachers of adolescents to improve their knowledge and professional practices which promote positive student learning.

AOBSE works to strengthen leadership in educational policymaking, promotes excellence in the education of all the students and advocate equality of access to educational opportunity, assuring continued citizen support for school education system. The membership of association is kept abreast of all the latest developments in educational policies via several key tools, including the weekly reviews, monthly Legislative briefs, monthly policy briefs updates and legal briefs.