ASSOCIATION OF BOARDS OF SCHOOL EDUCATION Established as an legal entity under Act XXI of 1860 of Govt. of India.
Notified in the official Gazette of India


"Association of Boards of School Education will also provide its membership to Govt. Schools and Private (Aided & Unaided) Schools."

"Association of Boards of School Education has been established by an Act of XXI of 1860 of Govt. of India.

AOBSE has been granted membership from Quality Council of India, Ministry of Commerce and it is an ISO, 9001 - 2008 certified institution. AOBSE is also registered with Ministry of HRD (CR) & Planning Commission, Govt. of India

The Govt. of India has notified and published notification of Association of Boards of School Education of India in the Official Gazette of Govt. of India.

Association of Boards of School Education is going to arrange 'School Boards Cricket Premier League' (SBPL ) every year for the promotion of sports and also conduct other cultural activities like Debate competition, singing & Dance competition etc.,"


AOBSE carries out several functional proceedings inclusive of the basic requirements utilized in achieving the promotion of education across the country and abroad. Association of boards of school education works upon the basic fundamentals of membership and regulations aiming towards the attainment of quality education. Some of the basic functions of the association are enlisted below. They are as follows

  • To act as inter board organization and also act as a representative of Boards of India.
  • To provide academic support to member boards on setting and maintenance of educational standards, curriculum planning, evaluation of schools and public examinations.
  • To establish and maintain organizational dealings with Youth welfare, Students Services, Cultural programs and other necessary activities for the betterment of students / teachers.
  • To provide a forum to its members to discuss issues of mutual interests and to facilitate in learning from each other in enhancing quality education to all.
  • To monitor actions taken by Member Boards on the suggestions extended by the association of Boards of School Education for the better functioning in the field of education.
  • To inform the member boards that education is for all including the students of Minority Communities and they might require some special attention in their education.
  • To suggest member boards in modernizing Madarsa Education by introducing subjects like English, Science, Mathematics and Computer etc., wherever necessary in promoting education.
  • To make the Board Members aware that there are several drop out students who discontinue their studies due to certain reasons needs to be motivated to start their studies for the betterment and prosperity.
  • To offer consultancy to member boards and other educational institutions, organizing in resolving any adverse situation faced by them.
  • To conduct research, studies, surveys, impact studies and evaluation of various educational programs run all over India and submitting suggestive program to government in promoting education for all in the country.
  • To produce Educational Films, Documentaries, Short Films, etc., for various Ministries, Government, Non Government and International Organizations.
  • To provide membership to any interested foreign board for membership on proper verification and its genuineness.
  • To publish periodicals, magazines, Journal and News letter etc., regularly for the benefit of the member boards, students, teachers and schools.
  • To help member boards in making their own publications.
  • To produce and telecast educational programs for the students and to launch educational channels for secondary and senior secondary students.
  • Any other work in achieving aims and objectives of the society in promoting education across the country and abroad.